The Physical Comedy Lab

Due to COVID-19, the Comedy Lab is suspended. For now.

You know that odd idea you came up with at a party, or in rehearsal, or in a workshop, or in the shower. Need a place to test out that weird idea you have? Have a bit that needs some audience? Or maybe you have a new character, or clown that needs a place to find their legs. Or maybe it’s something you’ve been thinking about, and you just need a deadline to get that first draft done…?

Facilitated by SMP’s Christine Lesiak and other community leaders, it’s a monthly evening where clowns, physical comedy artists, character actors, alternative comedians, and art-lovers can experiment, play and watch in a supportive, structured environment. We enthusiastically welcome both new and experienced performers.

Each is followed by an optional, artist-led feedback time (approx. 1 hour).

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Location: The Playhouse – 102, 10033-80 Ave., Edmonton

How: Email to reserve a spot (highly recommended!), or just show up and we’ll put you up if there’s time!

Cost: By donation to cover the space rental – suggested $5 cash, or e-transfer to

What: Drafts of shorts 7 minutes long or shorter in any stage of development (longer spots available by request):
– character
– clown & bouffon
– physical comedy – e.g. slapstick, visual humour, dance-based, comedy magic, street acts, etc.
– experimental comedy

You should know…
– The Lab is a supportive environment where we provide a safe space to take risks and celebrate spectacular failures as much as glorious successes. We recognize that risking failure is an act of bravery.
– We don’t think racist, sexist or hateful material is brave. We think it’s exclusionary and lazy.
However, we don’t jury or censor, and recognize some of the work will be intentionally or unintentionally provocative. You might be offended sometimes, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it’s a great thing to talk about with the artist!
– No wet mess, confetti, or glitter in the space.

For more information or to sign-up, contact