The Object of Constellations (2016)

Photo Ian Walker

When we peer into the sky, we peer into our past. 

Astronomy, cosmology, and mythology coalesce in this uncommon adaptation of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s classic novella, The Little Prince, intended for adult audiences. Part theatre, part art installation, The Object of Constellations is a one-woman performance project designed for and performed in the University of Alberta’s astronomical observatory. This site-specific performance recasts Saint-Exupéry’s European male pilot narrator into a contemporary Canadian astronomer and mother.

Visitors will find the observatory transformed into a world of installation art and performance. They are invited to explore its spaces, and encounter the astronomer as she looks to the night sky in an effort to make sense of life and loss.

The Object of Constellations is presented in partial fulfillment of Christine Lesiak’s Master of Fine Arts, Theatre Practice program, Department of Drama, University of Alberta.

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The Object of Constellations Project Team:
Concept, writer & performer: Christine Lesiak
Director & dramaturge: Suzanne Martin
Stage management: Andrea Murphy
Sound design: Michael Caron with Maryam Zarei
Lighting & co-projection design: Jeff Osterlin
Mechanical designer, builder & co-projection design: Ian Walker
Design consultant: Marissa Kochanski
Science consultant: Dr. Sharon Morsink