Over Her Dead Body (2017)

Photo Ian Walker

A physical comedy about mothers, daughters, cats, and the soothing power of a nice cup of tea.

Created by Christine Lesiak, Jan Henderson & Suzie Martin
Directed by Suzie Martin
Performed by Jan Henderson & Christine Lesiak

When a no-nonsense, middle-aged daughter returns home for her offbeat mother’s funeral, she finds herself at an unexpected wake. Nostalgia and reality collide in this physical comedy about the complicated relationship between mothers and daughters, and the soothing power of a nice cup of tea. Over Her Dead Body is told in the silent storytelling tradition of Buster Keaton and Mr. Bean.

Audiences are saying …


“It’ll have you laughing and crying or crying because of laughing!”

“You need to go. Five stars and five hearts.”

“a sweet combo of impressive and a lot of laughs”

“I called my Mom as soon as I left the theatre”

“a beautiful show… don’t miss out on this!”

Over Her Dead Body premiered in 2017 at Fringe Theatre at the ATB Financial Arts Barns, Edmonton, Alberta as a part of their Presentation Series.

Original production team:
Lighting designer: Beth Dart
Sound designer: Leif Ingebrigtsen
Set and costume design consultant: Marissa Kochanski
Production Manager: Erin Voaklander
Stage Manager: Ian Walker
Mechanical/prop designer and builder, projection: Ian Walker


A legendary clown guru returns to the stage … in a box: Over Her Dead Body at Fringe Theatre Adventures by Liz Nicholls,12thnight.ca.

Photo Ian Walker