Fools for Love (2012-13)

A romantic comedy in red-nose.

Rocket (Adam Keefe) & Sheshells (Christine Lesiak) are neighbours and best friends. For years they have been happily doing things that great friends do together: going to the movies, having picnics, even searching through the personals to help each other find their perfect mates. One adrenaline-pumped night the clowns discover that in the pursuit of an impossible standard, they may have been overlooking the person who truly makes them happy. But if they take the leap and become lovers, will they lose their best friend?

With only two chairs and a handful of props, Rocket and Sheshells will take you on a hilarious roller-coaster ride of imagination, and plummet straight into your heart.

  • Premiered May 2012 at The Toronto Festival of Clowns
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION of the 2012 New York Clown Theater Festival at The Brick Theatre
  • BEST of FEST at the 2012 Winnipeg Fringe Festival
  • OFFICIAL HOLDOVER SELECTION of the 2012 Edmonton International Fringe Festival

Mature themes. Recommended for adult audiences.


“The clown work is sublime… like all great clowns, they also display a vulnerability that, on many occasions, left the audience visibly affected… Loaded with lush moments of poetic absurdity, this show is an absolute must see” – 5/5 Stars, CBC Manitoba

“inventive, knee-slapping comedy… riotous clown show… extraordinary physical comedy.” – 4/5 Stars, The Winnipeg Free Press

“a not to be missed show in the 2012 New York Clown Theater Festival” – Mask Arts Company

“What a great show! The work was especially inspiring. There were times when I was so surprised where the show took me, and there were times water was coming out of my eyes.” – Peter Balkwill, Co-Artistic Director, The Old Trout Puppet Workshop

“A treat of hilarity and whimsy. Jan Henderson and company have created a lesson in imagination with the stellar duo of Lesiak and Keefe. This is what good clowning is all about – virtuosic, full of heart, and funny.” – Adam Lazarus, Artistic Director, Toronto Festival of Clowns

Created by
Jan Henderson
Anna Bado
Christine Lesiak
Adam Keefe

Directed by
Jan Henderson

Assistant directed by
Anna Bado

Performed by
Christine Lesiak
Adam Keefe

Photography by
Marc-Julien Objois

Sound design by
Dave Clarke
Adam Keefe

Original composition by
Dave Clarke

Image art by
Matthew Schuurman

58 minutes