Think clown shows are for kids?

Think again.

Upcoming Workshops

Don’t Act, REACT. A physical comedy workshop with Christine Lesiak

Saturday Feb 24, 1-5 pm

Co-presented with Hit The Jive Productions.

Find the pleasure in not knowing and spontaneous discovery! This 4-hour workshop is open to all performers of any level of experience; actors, clowns, dancers, burlesque artists, variety performers, puppeteers, improvisers…  anyone interested in bringing more humour, and honesty to their work.

Christine will lead the class in movement games and active exercises to rediscover the joy of play, the fun in failure, and the power of partnership – important skills for creating comedy and connecting with an audience.

Attendees should expect to participate in light to moderate physical movement.

Where: Westwood Unitarian Congregation, 11135-65 Ave. N.W., Edmonton

Cost: $50.00

Register at: Swingtix

For more information contact:

© Marc J Chalifoux Photography 2017

© Marc J Chalifoux Photography 2017

Clown & Mask Workshop with Jan Henderson

Clown and Mask, July 8-29, 2018, Edmonton, Alberta

Master clown teacher Jan Henderson offers her transformative 3 -week introductory workshop, suitable for both performers and non-performers.

The Clown and Mask workshop has been a catalyst for creative awakening, innovation and inspiration for people in a wide range of areas – from the dramatic and fine arts, to dance, psychology, health care, research and development, entrepreneurial ventures, and more. Through a study of the essence of the creative process as applied to Character and Neutral Mask techniques, and the art and philosophy of the Fool, students will discover and perform their own unique Clown characters.

Students will:

  • Create three character masks using clay, paper mache and paint
  • Bring those masks physically and vocally to life to life
  • Explore Neutral Mask
  • Develop the improvisational skills inherent in the character-driven, European style of clowning
  • Explore Colour and the Elements as character sources
  • Explore makeup and costume as mask
  • Learn to juggle


  • Instructor: Jan Henderson
  • Dates: July 8- 29, 2018
  • Location: University of Alberta, Timms rehearsal hall
  • Maximum class size: 14 participants
  • For more information or to register contact: Jan Henderson
Group of clowns

Jan Henderson-2017 small

Custom Clown & Mask Workshops

We offer:

  • Introduction to Clown workshops for performers and non-performers.
  • Mask/Neutral Mask workshops
  • Creative Process/Play workshops
  • Joey/Auguste duo workshops
  • Extreme Joey clown exploration workshops (see image gallery: Jan’s Extreme Joey Clown Gallery)
  • Private coaching and directing for clown theatre
  • Intensive Clown-Through-Mask (Pochinko) training (see also: Jan’s University of Alberta Clown Workshop)

Contact Us for more information about our workshops.

Photo by Kath Oltsher

Photo by Kath Oltsher