Our students and workshop participants say…

[The Don’t Act, React] workshop was a complete blast! Christine sets a fun and safe space to experiment and try new things. It’s so freeing to be able to celebrate mistakes and play without judgement.

– Erin Hutchison

Christine’s mentorship, support, and direction have been invaluable to my continuing practice in clowning. Her knowledge on physical comedy, her skill in performance and directing, and her welcoming personality and presence has helped me to continue to connect to my creative self, despite everything that comes with life (work, family etc.). To be in a room with Christine, practicing, playing, learning, and exploring, is a breath of fresh air that allows me to move through the rest of the parts of my life with a renewed sense of creativity and openness.

– Lindsay Ruth Hunt, Educator

What Christine has taught me has helped me transition from student to emerging artist. I cannot express how grateful I am for everything I have learned, and continue to learn, from her. What I have taken away from working with Christine is invaluable because she has not only shared knowledge with me but, more importantly, she has equipped me with the tools to use that knowledge & apply what I have learned.

– Lisa Dawn Daniels

Christine Lesiak is a mentor that teaches with more than words. She also teaches through her actions and whole-hearted emotion. Leading by example, Christine consistently challenges herself to grow her artistic practice and the community around her. She creates opportunities for others to share their true selves and laugh from the inside out.  

– Jordan Sabo, actor, ensemble member of ManUp!