Sofa So Good (2010-11)

Domesticity disrupted.

Rocket (Adam Keefe) and Sheshells (Christine Lesiak) have made the big decision to move in together, and when Rocket finds a sofa for their little home, they can’t believe their luck! The furniture is a fantastic addition to their domestic bliss – until it reveals its dark side.

In this Rocket & Sheshells adventure, our clowns discover sharing a home is a dangerous matter – threatening their future together, and their very lives.

Directed and co-written by internationally renowned clown teacher Jan Henderson, Sofa So Good premiered at the 2010 Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival to full houses and standing ovations. It has since garnered popular and critical success at The Matchbox in Red Deer, Alberta, The Chautauqua Festival, the Winnipeg and Saskatoon Fringe Festivals, and at Punctuate! Theater‘s 2013 performance series.

Mature themes & sexual content. Recommended for adult audiences.


“fanfuckingtastic” – Steve Pirot, Artistic Producer, Azimuth Theatre, Edmonton

“performers Adam Keefe and Christine Lesiak find endless creative and comedic possibilities… wicked, well-conceived comedy.” – Uptown Magazine, Winnipeg

“I hate clowns. I just don’t think clowns are funny or clever or in any way poignant. Or at least, I didn’t. Sofa So Good, in a single production, has turned my head upside down when it comes to clowns. I laughed a lot at this show. I laughed at the silliness and at the joyous physicality, but mostly I laughed at the truth of it all.” – CBC Winnipeg

“The beauty of this play (and the non-stop laughs that accompany it) is this terrific intersection where simplicity of set and props meets light hearted and insanely creative ideas. … you’re excited to watch it happen.” – See Magazine, Edmonton

“the two clowns in Sofa So Good, Rocket (Adam Keefe) and Sheshells (Christine Lesiak), may have redeemed clowns for an entire generation… an emotional, heart-warming and hilarious adventure full of hilarious sexual frustrations and innuendo… a huge part of the charm: watching an entire room full of grown men and women laugh themselves back into children.” – The Star Phoenix, Saskatoon

Created by
Jan Henderson
Christine Lesiak
Adam Keefe

Directed by
Jan Henderson

Perfomed by
Christine Lesiak
Adam Keefe

55 minutes