For Science! Premieres 2018 Edmonton Fringe, August 16-26.

June 11, 2018

Bill Nye the Science Guy meets Blue Man Group in a whole new experiment.

Without words, the Professor and her lab assistants seamlessly guide members of the audience through a series increasing complicated challenges. It begins with ringing a simple desk bell, includes a Nerf gun shootout, and ends in a spectacular Blue Man Group inspired musical finale.

Incorporating projections and some truly terrible science puns, For Science! appeals to the nerd in all of us, and reminds us of the utter joy we experience when we lose ourselves to curiosity.

For Truth. For Glory. For Science!

Coming to Fringe’OSaurus Rex, the 2018 Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival, August 16-26 in Old Strathcona.

Venue #3 Walterdale Theatre, 10322-83rd Ave NW
Thurs. Aug 16 @ 8 pm
Sat. Aug 18 @ 9:45 pm
Tues. Aug 21 @ 11:30 pm
Thurs.  Aug 23 @ 2:45 pm
Fri.  Aug 24 @ 12:30 pm
Sun.  Aug 26 @ 4:15 pm
Tickets available starting August 8 at

Created by: Christine Lesiak & Ian Walker
Performed by: Christine Lesiak & Anna Pratch
Clown performance coach: Jan Henderson
Mechanical designer and builder: Ian Walker
Projection design consultant: Paul Bezaire
Original composition: Leif Ingebrigtsen
Music consultants: Chase Padgett & Leif Ingebrigtsen
Stage manager: Ian Walker
Production assistant & software designer: Adrian MacKenzie
Photography: Ian Walker
Graphic Design: Timothy Paul Designs

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The Westwood Unitarian Congregation
Nadine Veroba
Michael Kennard
Candace Berlinguette
Suzie Martin
All the folks from the Physical Comedy Lab
Fringe Theatre and all its staff and volunteers

Presented by Toy Guns Dance Theatre.